Mercy Children’s Hospital and Clinics

Graham Construction is honored to have a thirty-one year business relationship and friendship with Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines. The renovation of the Pediatric patient floor is one of the most challenging projects Graham has undertaken on the campus. The 37,000 square foot project was completed in two phases to maintain continuous operations of the Pediatric unit. The complexities and challenges include rerouting the plumbing chases in the building and installing a new air handling unit 9 stories above the street using a 360-ton crane.

These difficulties were small in comparison to the challenge of removing the precast skin around the entire third floor of the building and replacing it with brightly colored kid friendly curtain wall. Only a small portion of the precast skin could be removed from the outside of the building using a crane. The rest had to be removed in pieces from the inside of the building. The team devised an ingenious method of cutting the precast panels horizontally and laying them down on the floor using chain falls and braces. Once on the floor, they were cut into smaller pieces and removed from the building.

Phase I opened to rave reviews in November of 2011 and Phase II was completed in November of 2012. There are 22 private rooms, 8 Intensive Care rooms and 10 flex rooms that can be used for different acuity levels of care. The larger private rooms have abundant natural lighting that greatly improves the healing environment for the patient and their families

Project Owner: Mercy Medical Center
Architect: InVision Architecture
Graham Construction Role: Pre-Construction Services, Construction Manager at Risk
Project Description: 37,000 SF Renovation
Project Cost: $10,000,000
Schedule: January 2011 to November 2012

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