Building what’s important

From a very small beginning in 1981, Graham Construction has grown into one of the leading healthcare contractors in the Midwest. We have completed projects that range from medical office buildings to hospital additions and renovations to complete replacement hospitals. Healthcare construction requires perhaps the most detail intensive management processes in the building industry. Hospitals never shut down. Graham has become extremely efficient at managing projects where the owner needs to maintain continued operations during construction. Healthcare owners are very sensitive to infection control, cleanliness and the safety and comfort of their patients and families. No one has as much experience or as successful of a track record at completing difficult, complex renovations in occupied buildings as Graham Construction.

Is that all we do? No …. Not at all.

We use the lessons we have learned from the demanding environment of Healthcare construction and apply them to all of our commercial projects. By committing sufficient management resources and working as an advocate for our customers, Graham has successfully completed commercial projects of all types. In addition to Healthcare construction, Graham is also active in the Industrial, Private Education and Commercial construction markets

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